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Provide IDL Tubex® TF for detection of Salmonella typhi

Our company has just gotten to be the exclusive agency of IDL in China.


IDL Biotech AB (publ) is a public Swedish diagnostic company, developing, producing and marketing IVD tests world wide for the healthcare sector. IDL is active in the fields of Oncology and Bacteriology, manufacturing various tumor markers and a rapid Salmonella Typhoid test.

IDL's products enable diagnosis and prognosis of diseases, control of treatment effiency and to prolong the interval between more invasive examinations of the patients.

IDL's facilities outside Stockholm, Sweden harbours all company functions; management, sales & marketing, order & shipping, R&D, production and quality assurance.

Tubex® TF


TUBEX® TF is a 10 minute semi-quantitative in vitro diagnostic serum assay for the detection of current typhoid fever caused by Salmonella typhi. A positive TUBEX® TF result, together with clinical symptoms of typhoid fever, is a strong indication of a typhoid infection.



TUBEX® TF specifically detects IgM antibodies to the S. typhi O9 lipopolysaccharide antigen. This antigen is highly specific to S. typhi and other Salmonella serogroup D bacteria by its extremely rare sugar (α-D-tyvelose). IgM anti-O9 antibodies are normally not present in healthy individuals.